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I’m Moya, an island girl with a passion for pretty letters. When I received a calligraphy set as a gift, something about it felt magical and exciting! I was about 12 years old, and I remember doing my homework with my new calligraphy pen and having fun writing with my cousin every opportunity we got. Those are fond memories I hold dear as a young girl born and raised in the Bahamas.

My journey continued in the United States as I studied Accounting at Howard University and received my CPA license shortly after I graduated. While the corporate world seemed ‘cool’ at the time, I never lost my love for calligraphy. I spent lots of time practicing and studying under some of the best calligraphers today, including Chief White House Calligrapher and Master Penman, Pat Blair, and internationally known calligrapher, Sheila Waters. So much of my growth as an artist is as a result of the tutoring sessions I have had with these super talented ladies over the years. I am so grateful for those opportunities, and I continue to attend workshops to hone my craft and learn from other masters of calligraphy.

In 2003, I launched my calligraphy business part-time while working for major corporations as an auditor, and finally fulfilled my dream of becoming a full-time calligrapher in 2012. It is such a great feeling to be doing what I love every day, and spreading joy with my art. Calligraphy has a lot to do with ‘practice makes perfect’….but the goal is not perfection. It is the constant pursuit of my dreams and I will forever follow my love of lettering.

My other loves are my wonderful husband, Lars (I was 11 when I told my mom that I would marry him!!), and our three darling children. They make this journey through life so worth it. Art is beautiful, but there is nothing more beautiful than love.

Thank you so much for your interest in my work, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you!